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Saturday, April 30, 2011 -- Marlinton, WV / Greenbrier River & Trail
Great Greenbrier River Race Triathlon (iPO Event Id#: 13316)

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Story by 2011 Family Vacations WV

What started out as a small race along the banks of the Greenbrier River back in 1986, has now become thee triathlon event in the region. The Great Greenbrier River Race is the main fund-raising event for the Greenbrier River Association.

Great Greenbrier River Race Triathlon
Says this year's chairperson, Robin DeMarchi, "People are very generous when it comes to the Trail - we have some outstanding prizes this year along with generous sponsors!"

To the racers however, it isn't who gets the first prize but how did they fare from their personal best time or their time from the previous year.

The first race back in 1986 started at Clover Lick and ended in Marlinton. The region had recently suffered devastating floods in 1985 which created major problems along the Trail.

May and Gil Willis of Elk River Touring Center along with John Walkup and Leslie McCarty thought the race would be a good event to bring attention to the vast amount of destruction the flood had taken on the Trail and along the Greenbrier River. Little did they know what their "one-shot" race would become over the years.

Subsequent races were held at Anthony and Beard and even a few years in Greenbrier County. It was the race participants that voiced their opinion to have the race moved back to the Marlinton area. The river access is better there, along with the overall condition of the trail.

Through the years the race became more popular and more participants come each year. Last year there were over 100 teams and even more are expected this year. Dozens of area businesses show their support by either sponsoring the event or donating cool prizes for the winners.

Check it out and the area, go to: or contactthe Pocahontas County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-336-7009.