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Saturday, September 20, 2008 -- Clarksburg, WV
FBIRA Jerry Dove Memorial 5K
- MAGP Sprint #8
(iPO Event Id#: 10761)

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Jerry Dove 5K - photo by JR Petsko
It was a nice morning to race, great weather
Story and photos by J.R. Petsko

Few running races can say that they come with FBI security, but the Jerry Dove 5k can. No, it's not that the event enters a "shady area." The event takes place on grounds of the FBI facility just outside of Clarksburg, WV.

On Saturday the weather was perfect for an early morning run and that was clear with the turnout of 210 participates. The course would be a very challenging one for the runners, considering that the first half of it was almost all pounding downhill. Then, just when you were starting to tire, the course headed uphill to the finish.

I was lucky enough to have a ride in front of the field thanks to an FBI police vehicle. That was pretty cool if you ask me!

From the start, Travis Cyphert of Morgantown, WV was out front setting the pace. Cyphert was followed Sean Flanagan, Gerod Green, and Brian Reider early on, but with over three quarters of the race left anything could happen.

My FBI escort dropped me off on the course so I could get some photos of the rest of the racers. Everyone looked like they were having a great time despite the hills, down and up. After shooting some shots, I jumped back into the back of the car.

Jerry Dove 5K - photo by JR Petsko
The kids get ready to run their race
The scene up front had changed in a big way. Daniel Clevenger of Salem, WV, came out of nowhere to take the lead. Clevenger, however, had Cyphert and Green nipping at his heals.

The race was going to be won or lost on the finial long climb to the finish. As soon as Cyphert pushed up the pass he overtook Clevenger.

The other runners tried to match Cyphert's pace, but he pulled away on the hill and edged his lead all the way to the finish. Cyphert took the overall win finishing with a time of 17:36.4.

Clevenger held onto second (17:51.0), and Green finished just behind him in 17:52.6.

Sean Flanagan claimed fourth (18:27.5), followed by Andrew Seyler (19:03.5).

For the women, Meghan Shepherd of Bridgeport, WV took home the female overall prize with a time of 21:15.0. Danielle Fenstermacher was second in 21:53.3 with Sue Heavner in third with a time of 22:11.7. Michelle Feathers was just 3 seconds behind Heavner in fourth! She was followed by Shelley Work in fifth (22:46.2).

There were six participants in the race who were over 70 years of age. Way to go!

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