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Friday, February 28, 2003 - Sunday, March 9, 2003 -- McHenry, MD
Winterblast Celebration sponsored by Coca-Cola (iPO Event Id#: 5308)
Photos by Don Parks

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Box Derby - Sets 1-3; Pond Crossing - Set 4; Pee Wee Race - Sets 5-7

Pond Cross
Winterblast with a splash
Sunday, March 9 - Just like last year, the sun fought to get out from behind the clouds as a cold wind sent ripples across Wisp's man-made pond. But once again these ripples were nothing compared to the waves caused by the brave (well, crazy at least) skiers and boarders who attempted the water crossing.

It's simple, race down the hill, hit the 100 foot stretch of frigid water, and hope you make it to the other side without taking a swim. While some were able to make it look easy, there were plenty of examples of why most stood on the sidelines just to watch.

There's a funny thing in this crowd of would be pond crossers. While many agreed this was something only for someone else to try, there seemed an equal number ready to proclaim, "next year, I'm gonna to it!"

You can be sure that Wisp will continue the tradition, but we'll tell you where to put your money for next year. It is no doubt that the spectators will once again out number those willing to try and cross the pond, by a large margin. But then again, the debate over who is having more fun will go on forever.

Pee Wee Race
Going for gold in the Pee Wee Race
Pee Wee Race

Sponsored by the Wisp Ski Club
Sarturday, March 8th
Contact: Ruth Umbel (304) 387-5035 or

In staying true to their "all ages welcome" adage, the Wisp Ski Club came through for the 10 and under crowd. It was beautiful afternoon on the slopes and kids came out in big numbers to test their skills on a slalom course.

While encouraging fun and participation, it is also hoped that these young boys and girls will develop into future competitors. And as always goes with racing, there were plenty of awards. In fact, it was no coincidence that there were enough awards so that every boy and girl at least took home a well deserved medal. Oh what fun it is!

County Snowplow
And the winner is...
Cardboard Box Derby Winners

Sponsored by Deep Creek Lake Lions Club
Sarturday, March 1st
Ed King, Coordinator

A successful family event held at Bear Claw Tubing Park at WISP last Saturday. Eleven businesses and twenty individual entries provided entertainment galore for several hundred spectators. Fun was had by all. With hefty cash prizes and trophies, entrants went away planning for next year's derby.

Individual Design

 1st place Kevin Roy - Log Jammer
 2nd place Mark Nestor - Viking Boat
 3rd place Trevor Green - Trevor's Yu-Gi-Oh Mobile

Business Design

 1st place Long & Foster Realtors - County Snowplow Truck
 2nd place Pine Lodge Steak House - Black Angus Bull
 3rd place Bill's Marine Service - Snowmobile

Individual Speed

 1st place Kat Gill - Flying Nimbus
 2nd place Trevor Green - Trevor's Yu-Gi-Oh Mobile
 3rd place Kevin Roy - Log Jammer

Business Speed

 1st place Bill's Marine Service - Snowmobile
 2nd place Rudy's Ski Shop - Bobsled
 3rd place WISP Snow Sports School - Red Automobile