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Saturday, October 21, 2000 -- Fayetteville, WV
New River Gorge Bridge Day Festival


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1998 Bridge Day
Come fly WV's friendly skies
Bridge Day is West Virginia's largest one-day festival celebrated on the third Saturday in October. This year the festival will be held on October 21st. It commemorates the October 1977 completion of the New River Gorge Bridge and was first celebrated in 1980. Bridge Day is one of the top 100 festivals in North America! The bridge span arches across the New River, the world's second oldest river, considered to be some of America's Best Whitewater. Get the whole family on a rafting trip! We recommend booking a trip with Drift-a-Bit.

BASE Jumping:
Base jumpers will gladly accommodate that request on Bridge Day, their annual convention. Base stands for building, antenna, span, earth-the fixed objects from which these men and women leap. Since it's only a few seconds from bridge rail to splash down, jumping requires a well-orchestrated team of water-safety, communications and emergency personnel.

Register for Bridge Day BASE Jumping: At this Off-site address

Beneath the bridge's unseen catwalk dangle expert rappellers who resemble so many spiders weaving a web. The Bridge Day trolls practice well-honed skills with their breath-taking gorge as their backdrop. "Passages to Adventure" owner Benjy Simpson oversees rappellers who execute rescue operations in the Gorge if necessary.

Transportation Available:
Throughout the day, buses will run in a circuit from the Comfort Inn and Fayetteville High School on Laurel Creek Rd. and from in front of the Courthouse and town park in Fayetteville to the Vendor Area for only $1. You cannot get any closer to the bridge than on the bus.

Limited Access:
U.S. 19 is a limited access highway; bicycles, horses, fourwheelers, etc., are illegal. Route 82 is closed to vehicles.

Parking and What NOT to bring:
Handicapped parking is available near the south and north ends of the bridge and near Keller Avenue. We ask that you leave your dogs at home unless they are used for special assistance and if you ride a bike we ask that you check it at our free check tents on the north or south side. No skate boards are permitted.

Festival Foods/Vendors/Shopping:
No Mountain State festival would be worth its funnel cakes without a sumptuous line of candied apples, corn dogs, fries, popcorn, steaks, deli, barbecue sandwiches, lemonade, roasted peanuts, apple butter, molasses, honey, potatoes, handmade ice cream and more -- the Bridge Festival vendors off all of these. West Virginia home-made and homegrown products may be found at many of the vendors, so be prepared to partake in the feeding frenzy.

Keep It Clean:
Vendors are required to have trash cans and the state provides many more, but you are responsible for trash. Please, clean up your mess so it doesn't litter the National Park and so it will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Where you can Eat other than the Festival:
In Fayetteville try Bazils or Cathedral Cafe' or the Mountain Laurel Restaurant for home-cooked goodness. The Sedona Grille specializes in southwestern fare. New this year is Poco's Tacos located beside Whitewater Photography. There's also the Sunset Grill located on Rt. 16. You may want to try Dirty Ernie's for a barbecue. Gino's serves tasty Italian fare, or Fat Tire Deli. Off the beaten track are Smokey's, at Class VI, tops in smoked meats and gourmet specialties. In Oak Hill you will find dining choices at the numerous fast food restaurants.

TITLE: New River Gorge Bridge Day Festival
EVENTS: BASE Jumping - Bridge Festival
WHEN: Sat, 21 Oct
WHERE: Fayetteville, WV
CONTACT: New River CVB (800) 927-0263 E-mail